Web-Application usually can be accessed by users when he/she is connected to network. However, when user travels outside the office area, users cannot access the application anymore. 

Glenosoft eCatalog-Offline is a system which you can use to maintain your data both online and OFFLINE. The eCatalog Offline provides way to download your data to your mobile device and update it offline. When the device gets connected to the network, the system will automatically synchronize the changes to the back-end.

Why you need it

Some scenarios why you would need this system:

  • You are doing survey in remote areas with little or no connection to your office. You need eCatalog-Offline to enter all information to device. Once you get back to office, you can synchronize the information again
  • You have internal back-end database or application, which you want to extend it with offline-capability.
  • You have workflow system, which requires approval. The system downloads automatically all the tasks. You can perform approval or task, even if you are not connected to network. The system will keep all the changes onto the device.
  • You need real-time data to show information from back-end database.


1. Offline Capabilities 

eCatalog Offline provides offline capabilities to maintain your data hosted in web-application. Web-Application, by nature, can only  be accessed online. With this feature, you can enabled offline-mode. When it turns offline, system will show “Offline” information. Even though it is not connected to network, you are still able to perform activities.

Screenshot when it is on online mode:

When it turns offline, you will notice the changed status, and you still can access your data.


The system will keep all the changes, when it is offline. See screenshot below. The first row is marked as “changes” and the data will be uploaded when the device turns online.


The screenshot below shows that one record has been marked as “delete”. 


2.      Integration with your office data/back-end/database

eCatalog Offline can communicate with your office-data or back-end, and push it to your mobile/tablet device. For protection, system will prompt the Login. The authentication can be configured to suit your company. 

Once eCatalog-Offline manages to authenticate, the data will be downloaded to your device.  The data is stored in your local device. The data will be in your device, even if you restart it. This is useful for offline-scenarios.

3.      Auto-update

System will perform auto-update whenever there’s a new addition or changes.

4.      Client and Server Validation

Client Validation: The eCatalog-Offline can perform offline field validation before it gets uploaded to the server. This will minimize the “error” when you are working on the changes. The screenshot below shows that the No-of-Kids must be more than 0. It will shows error messages next to the fields.

Server Validation: What happen if the application rejects eCatalog-Offline submission? eCatalog-Offline provides mechanism to detect, and keep the changes for amendment. These messages can be returned by your back-end application.

The screenshot above shows that the there is “warning” when the system trying to upload the data. You can click the detail to view the error. See screenshot below:

The system indicates that back-end application reject because No-Of-Kids value cannot be more than 99. 

5.      Additional protection

The system can provide following additional protection:

  • No application to be “downloaded” via App-Store or Google Play, as this system use the browser, which already secured by the device.  By default, browser cannot access other application data such as emails, contacts, etc.
  • The system can be installed on your internal/LAN premises.
  • Always prompt Login and password when it’s connected online.
  • Administrator can set access or deny users
  • System can auto delete offline-data when user fail to login X times.

6.      Device Support

You can use your latest browser to access. Most of smartphones/phablets already installed latest browser and it has HTML 5 features:

  • Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy Tab/Note series
  • IPAD/IPhone
  • Notebooks/computers/MacBook’s with latest browsers

For more detail which browser can support the application, see Appendix A


7.      Customizable

The system can be customized to suit your unique requirements. Contact us for discussion on how to utilize this application for your company.

Appendix A. Browser Support



  • Known limitation:
    • Storage limitation: [1]
      • Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera: 5MB
      • IE: 10MB
    • The storage is shared with subdomains as well. [2]
    • Local storage only supports strings
    • Number is stored as string. Floating number eat into the available memory much more quickly
    • Data are stored in plain text (not encrypted)
    • Supporting browser:
      • Chrome 4+
      • Firefox 3.5+
      • IE8+
      • Opera 105+
      • Safari 4+
      • IPhone 2.0+
      • Android 2.0+
    • Some engines store data on hard drive
    • In multi-tab browser, you could log out in one tab, but personal information would still be avail in another tab  
  • Known issues: